Spotlight Teacher: Mrs. Angie Wheatley

With 19 years of teaching experience in the Banks County School system,  Wheatley brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role as a teacher at Banks County Primary School. What makes her story even more special is that she is a proud graduate of Banks County High School and carries a deep-rooted love for her community.

As a second-grade teacher at Banks County Primary School, Mrs. Wheatley's mission is to pass on the same enriching educational experiences she enjoyed as a student in Banks County. Her goal is to nurture lifelong learners with a strong foundation in reading.

Wheatley's devotion to reading is evident in her teaching methods. She places a strong emphasis on individualized and small group reading sessions, ensuring that every student's unique needs are met. This personalized approach recognizes that each child learns differently and at their own pace.

One distinctive aspect of Mrs.Wheatley's teaching philosophy is her commitment to meeting students where they are when they first enter her classroom at the start of the school year. Whatever learning levels students begin the year at, Mrs.Wheatley sees each child as having equal potential to become a lifelong reader.

While it is not always about immediate goal achievement, students consistently progress under Mrs. Wheatley's patient guidance. She understands that these small accomplishments are the building blocks for future success and, ultimately, for a lifelong love of reading.

Mrs. Wheatley employs various reading strategies, such as Heggerty. A program used for phonological and phonemic awareness- which helps students have awareness of the sounds that letters and letter combinations make.  Phonemic awareness is another valuable tool she uses to help students deconstruct words and build them into more complex terms.

One of her key challenges lies in understanding where each student is on their reading journey and starting from that point. Her commitment to setting high expectations for her students inspires them to stretch their limits and reach greater learning levels.

Stepping into Mrs. Wheatley's classroom, there is a rich assortment of instructional materials, including Fundations, leveled readers, and manipulatives. Her dedication to nurturing young readers has earned her a special place in the hearts of many past students and parents.

"Mrs. Wheatley inspires a love for learning in every student. She is a beloved veteran teacher, often requested by parents who recognize her commitment to fostering a love for reading in the next generation", stated Principal Dr. Mike Boyle.

Mrs. Angie Wheatley ignites the joy of learning in all of her students. Her story embodies the belief that dedicated educators can make a lasting impact on the community and inspire the hearts of many young Leopards, both past, present, and future.